1. Find the path template you want to add a survey to.

2. If the path template is currently published, click on Edit in the green bar at the bottom of the page. A path template must be unpublished to make edits.


3. Click on Add New Resource within the section of the path you want to add the survey.


4. Select Survey.


5. Write in a title for the survey and select any of the following options for the survey:

  • Send a notification to start this resource
  • Set a due date with reminder notification
  • Lock until previous resource is complete

6. When complete, click Save.

7. Hover over the survey you just titled and click on Edit.


8. Select question types from the Field Builder on the left and click Add to add them into your survey.


9. Once your survey is complete click on Preview at the top of the page to preview what it will look like for the user.


10. When you have added all the questions to the survey and are ready to publish your path, go back to the main path page and click Publish in the green bar at the bottom of the page.

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