Within your partnership or group space, there is a Discussion section. You can tag members of the partnership or group to directly ask questions or respond to conversations.

1. From your homepage, click on the partnership or group path.


2. Click on the Discussions tab.


3. In a new post or in the comments box, type the @ symbol and then immediately begin typing the person whom you want to tag. (Do not put a space between @ and the person's name.)

4. As you begin typing, a dropdown of potential people will appear. When you see the person on the list, click on their name.


5. The name of the person will be linked in blue. Type your message.

6. Click Post.


7. The person tagged will receive an email notification and a notification on the platform that a message is waiting for them. The message is also visible to everyone in the partnership or in the group from the Discussion section.

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