Resources within your learning path may ask you to record a video, write a response, or upload a file. Those activities can be done right from your path and then shared with the group, the facilitators, or an individual group member.

1. Complete the activity in the space within the resource.

2. When done, click on Save.


3. The Share button will appear. The Share button allows you to share your work with:

  • the entire group

  • only the group's facilitator

  • a specific user in the group


4. To share your work with the entire group, click on All in Group. Your video, text, or upload will automatically be shared with the group in the chat bar along the right side. Group members can see and comment on what you shared.


5. To share just with the facilitator of the group, click on Facilitator. Your work will automatically be shared with your group's facilitator in the sidebar. If your group has multiple facilitators, it will be shared with all of the facilitators. The facilitators can see and comment on what you shared. Your work will not be seen by the group.


6. To share with an individual member of your group, type in their name and select them from the drop-down menu. Click Next. Your work will be shared just with that group member in the sidebar.

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