Your learning paths are located in the Paths section of your homepage. Inside each path, you'll find the next steps you need to take to continue on your learning experience. Your path may include:

  • Resources – read an article, watch a video, or complete an activity related to your learning goals

  • Meetings – attend a virtual meeting with your mentor or learning group

  • Assessments and Surveys – take a quiz to test your new knowledge or complete a survey to give your program manager feedback on your experience


Each learning path will also include:

  • Discussions: A dedicated space to share articles, post resources, or start a conversation with others in your learning group or with your mentor.

  • About: An overview of the purpose of the path and a list of other members in the path with links to their profiles



  • A path is made up of resources. Resources can be articles, activities, videos, surveys, quizzes, or meetings.

  • Resources are listed under sections within a path and state which type of resource it is.

  • Users can discuss resources with other group members. From the path, users can easily see which resources contain conversations.


Completing Resources on a Path

  • When you complete a resource in a section, there will be instructions at the end of the resource directing you to your next action.

  • If you are completing the last resource in a section, you will be directed back to your path page.

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