1. Select two or more skills you would like feedback on. Unselect the skills you don't want feedback on. Then click Next at the bottom of the page.


2. Add the email addresses of five people you know that you would like feedback from. You must enter at least five email addresses to use the feedback tool. Note: the responses you receive will be shown as anonymous.

3. A general email will be sent to the five people you entered but if you prefer to write a personal message, click on Personalize Email at the bottom of the page. Click Next.


4. You will be shown a preview of the email that will be sent to the five people entered. You can edit the email message or the skills you selected by hovering over the area and clicking on Edit.


5. When ready to send the email to all five contacts, click on Ask for Feedback.

6. The next screen will confirm your emails have been sent and you will also receive an email that your feedback requests have been sent.

7. Note: If the contact has not yet responded, two reminder emails are automatically sent: one at 2 days after the initial request, and again at 5 days after the initial request. However, the link never expires so your contacts can respond at any time.

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