1. Go to your partnership or group path.

2. Click on an the + symbol and then the Add a resource or book a meeting link.


3. Click on Activity, Article, Video, or Meeting depending on what type of new resource you are adding. Note: Adding a resource directly to a path defaults the resource to undiscoverable in a search.


4. For Articles and Videos, just click on Paste URL and add the URL. The title and description will auto-populate. For Activities, adding a URL is optional. If a URL is not added, please fill out the title and description manually.


5. To write additional comments or instructions, start typing where it says Write something...

6. Click on Insert Learner Action to add an action such as asking the user to write a response, upload a file, or record a video.

  • Write Something: Allows users to write in answers or feedback related to completing this resource

  • Upload a File: Allows users to upload material related to this resource

  • Record a Video: Allows users to record video and audio then upload it to the resource


7. Click Save to publish the resource to the path. The resource will be viewable to everyone in the partnership or group.


8. You can also add existing resources from our resource library. Just type in the keywords in the search box at the bottom of the resource pop-up window. When you see the resource you want to add, just click on it from the dropdown and it will be automatically added to the path.

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