Currently, our system allows users to link their personal Google calendars with their Everwise account. Other calendars such as Outlook, Apple, or Yahoo cannot be linked yet.

To link your Google calendar:

1. Sign in to your Everwise account.

2. From the homepage, hover over the circle icon of your initials or photo in the upper right corner and click on Settings from the dropdown menu.


3. From the Settings page, scroll to the Account Settings section.

4. Under Integrations, find Link My Google Calendar.

5. Click on the Grant Access button.


7. If you have multiple Google accounts, you will be asked to choose which account to link.


8. Google will ask for permission to allow Everwise access to your calendar. Click on Allow.


9. Your personal calendar is now linked to your Everwise account.

10. To remove your Google calendar from your Everwise account, go back to Settings and click on Revoke Access.

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